About Us

Our mission is to provide the resources and personnel in the Alaska Aleutians region for compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and effective oil spill response.

Alaska Response Company, LLC (ARC) offers Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90) Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) oil spill contingency planning, prevention and response services to domestic and international shippers in Alaskan waters.  Meeting U.S. and state oil spill prevention and response requirements can be extremely costly and difficult.  ARC provides clients with a compliance package that covers a nontank vessel while it is in Alaskan waters (Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak Island sub-areas) making port calls or on the Pacific Great Circle route. ARC meets this compliance challenge head-on with an eye towards solving the dilemma for shippers with realistic, practical solutions. ARC is committed to designing and implementing an APC plan that best protects resources, satisfies regulators and provides shippers with the most cost-effective solution.

What We Provide

Compliance. ARC, in conjunction with its exclusive partner - Aleutians Spill Control, Inc. (ASCI) - offers a USCG-approved OPA-90 Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) plan covering Alaska’s Aleutian Islands (including the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak Island sub-areas) for vessels calling port or transiting the Pacific Great Circle Route. With the ARC Plan, everyone meets the compliance and response challenge.

Who We Provide To

Targeted customers include shippers (owners and operators) on the Pacific great circle route between Asia and the U.S. West Coast who operate non-tank vessels sailing to or from U.S. ports, or nontank vessels calling ports in the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak Island sub-areas. These vessels must comply with OPA90 regulations on these voyages. ARC offers domestic and international shipping companies a cost-effective, approved, compliance solution.